Ventilation Fans and Cooling Pad,Ventilation and Cooling System
Ventilation and Cooling System

Ventilation Fans and Cooling Pad

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Adopt high quality fan that made of stainless steel by punch forming. Large air volume, no deformation, broken or dust, attractive and durable. Cooling pad consist of a special cellulose material with a large specific surface to ensure a high cooling performance, which is high absorbability and water resistant, anti mildew and long service life. The cooling system works on the basis of evaporation, therefore is mainly used in climate region with hot and dry summer. The advanced environment control system can control the temperature and humidity effectively, which provides a comfortable and healthy growth environment for chicken, greatly increase the egg laying rate, reduce the mortality. Air inlet is also available, which is made of excellent quality engineering plastic by injection molding, higher density and more firmly.
  1. Hot dip galvanized sheet frame with 275g/m²zinc coating thickness, which extremely improve it’s anti-corrosion performance.
  2. Motor voltage and frequency can be customized according to customers’ request.
  3. Fan side frame with plastic handle, easy to carry and load, reasonable design with aesthetic appearance.
  4. Waterproof fan bearing, high strength, low noise free maintenance and long lifetime.
  5. Fans runs smoothly, lower vibration and noise. Blade material have stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy for option.
  6. A special deflector ensures that water is evenly spread along the cooling pad to ensure an ideal wetting of the pad
  7. The cooling pads can be released without much effort, thus they can easily be replaced.
  8. Air inlet is UV resistant and has stronger anti-aging ability, longer service life, better sealing, flexible opening with anti-birds nets.
We can offer three modes ventilation system: ventilation in side, ventilation in tunnel and both together ventilation.