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H Type Broiler Cages

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H Type Broiler Cage System

We provide two types broiler cage systems: manual bird-harvesting and automatic bird –harvesting system.
Manual bird-harvesting: Hot dipped galvanized H type broiler cage system ensures a longer lifetime. The cage system is equipped with feeding, drinking ,manure cleaning, heating and cooling ,monitoring, alarming and lighting system, which can be controlled by electronic panel fully automatically. Because of unique design, feeding line and water line can be adjusted according to different chicken age. A plastic bottom is available for taking out chicken automatically.

  1. Two to four times higher stocking density as compared to floor system.
  2. Greatly increased utilization of the house surface area, reduced energy consumption.
  3. Very hygienic growing conditions ensure healthy, uniform flock, increased growth rate, improve feed conversion.
  4. Sliding door can be opened simply and convenient for observing and moving.
  5. Easy to control parasitic disease like coccidiosis and worm infestation.
  6. Compare with floor system, it has higher feed efficiency, easier operation and maintenance.
Automatic bird –harvesting system: It is the cage with a extractable bottom mesh. The bottom mesh we use plastic embedded with the galvanized tube to increase strength. Proper square grids ensure manure leaking out without accumulation. The plastic bottom can be pulled out easily and easy to clean up. Plastic bottom mesh can be taken out freely. When it is drown away, broilers drop onto the clean manure belt and delivered onto the cross conveyor, then delivered into the disc birds-catching machine outside poultry house and be directly cased.

  1. The floor is made of PP so won’t damage he birds’ feet, and it can be drawn out when catching the birds, increase bird’s catching efficiency.
  2. Lifting conveying system can ensure chicken be delivered steadily.
  3. Flexible, soft plastic bottom prevent breast blister and promote clean and excellent hygienic conditions.
  4. Easy to operate sliding floors with level and flexible surface prevent breast bruises and optimum manure penetration.
  5. The size of the birds catching platform can be customized. Eight labors can work together at a platform with diameter of 3.5m.

There are two types of broiler feeding: auger and trolley.
Auger feeding: the feeds are transported from silo into the hopper at the front of cages. Then the feeds are distributed quickly and uniformly via level feed lines into pans in each tiers, feed sensor can ensure supplying chicken enough food. And the height of pans can be adjusted according to chicken age.
Trolley feeding: feeds are transported by the auger to the trolley hopper. Then the feed are uniformly distributed into the feed trough of each tier by moving trolley. Meanwhile, amount of feeds can be adjusted. The height of feed trough can be adjusted according to chicken age.

  1. Pan divided in to several sections, it ensures that the broilers can’t push feed out of the pan.
  2. Pan bottom can be opened for cleaning easily with a high-pressure cleaner.
  3. The pan is made of high-quality UV-resistant plastic, and it’s no barriers so easy access to feed for broiler of every age.
  4. Smooth pan rim can avoid scratching chicken breast and it curved to the inside to prevents feed wastage.
  5. Drive with sensor can stop the conveying auger automatically.
  6. By trolley feeding, feeds is distributed hygienically, homogeneously and equally with less electricity consumption and energy saving.
  7. No-screw snap-on system, so rapid and simple assembly, dismantling and operation by control panel.
  8. Feeding trough is made by galvanized steel sheet, solid and durable.


Automatic drinking system consists of a water treatment unit, water distribution piping and water lines per each tier. Drinking line is in the front of each line and can be adjusted higher with chicken growing up, ensuring that each chicken gets sufficient water. The nipple drinker can turn 360 degree around so it’s easy for drinking, no leakage and less maintenance, and it can be fitted with water cups under the nipple, which ensures chicken have easy access to water.
Vacuum drinkers are also available, especially for first two weeks while broiler are too small to get the nipple drinker.

  1. Nipple drinkers are stainless and have strict leakage test to make sure every nipple drinker isn’t leakage and highly sensitive.
  2. Equipped with a filter and a medicine machine (Dosatron France)
  3. Regulator has flushing function, so that the water pipe can be cleaned up thoroughly by big water flow.
  4. No water leaking ensures very dry manure, so it’s easier to clean and transport and greatly reduces the environment pollution.


Polypropylene manure belts collect the manure under the cages. When manure removal starts, the manure drops down onto the cross belt from all tiers. From there, it can be either to a manure store or via another conveying belt onto a truck. The end set is galvanized to ensure protection against corrosion. Manure scrapers efficiently clean the belt on each tier.
An important advantage: ventilated manure belt battery is available, it’s equipped with air ducts (optional)above the manure belts. The air from these ducts dries the manure, which significantly reduces ammonia emissions from the house.

  1. The manure belt is imported from Italy and has international standard quality.
  2. It can clean the manure with highest speed and effect.
  3. Manure can be cleaned up immediately, greatly reduce the environment pollution, provide a healthy growth environment for chicken.
  4. The manure belt always stay slack thus ensures extremely low deviation rate after longtime use.
  5. The air duct dries the manure quickly and effectively with low energy costs, no fly problems.
  6. All support frames are hot dipped galvanized, solid and durable.
  7. Easy installation, maintenance, operation and no deviation of manure belt  because of advanced technology design.
  8. Modular design allows remarkable low mortality during rearing.