Battery Cage,Layer Chicken Equipments
Layer Chicken Equipments
Battery Cages

Cages materials is Q235 Steel wire with cold/hot dipped galvanization surface treatment, anti-corrosion, solid and long service time. It can be equipped with feeding, drinking ,manure cleaning, heating and cooling ,monitoring, alarming and lighting system, which can be controlled by electronic panel fully automatically, also can be semi-automatic based on customers’ requirement.

All products certified by ISO9001:2008, SGS.

Advantages of Battery Cage:
1.Cage Mesh:Surface treatment is hot-dip galvanization or cold galvanization, so it has better elasticity and higher intensity.
2.Nipple Drinker:Stainless valve with three-ply seal, 360°contacts, low opening valve pressure.
3.Egg Belt:The belt is made by Polypropylene yarn that is anti-corrosion and antibacterial, and it don’t absorb water so it can be cleaned up by water directly.
4.Feed Trough:Feeding trough produced by imported new material with uniform whiteness and glossiness, solid quality, not easy destroy , big supporting capacity and won’t deform and discolor after long time using.
5.Transverse Sliding Door:Transverse sliding door can avoid chicken rising or throwing their head and digging feeds, then control the feeds losses effectively.
6.Cage Frame:Surface treatment is hot dip galvanization, zinc coating thickness is 2.5mm, so it is anti-corrosion and no rusty for years.
7.Steel Structure House:Modern stell structure house with good heat shielding performance and easy install,saving labors and costs.

Test Before Delivery
Equipment is fully tested before delivery, and technicians are available for installation, training and maintenance. We promise to supply customers the best quality, so we take every detail seriously. Our technicians will test the wire mesh to ensure all part is hot galvanized, and there is no miss or weak welding. We will installed the chicken in our factory to imitate the chicken house of customers, so that to make sure all equipment can run well in customer’s chicken house.