Auto Oil-burning Heating Machine,Heating Machine
Heating Machine

Auto Oil-burning Heating Machine

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Heating area: 300/600/1200 square meters.
Stainless steel combustion chamber, thermal conversion as high as 90%
Stainless steel heat exchanger is made of 321(1Cr18Ni9Ti) stainless steel plate, tube
Double air input and output design.
Equipped with the world brand Riello burner. Automatic control system operate easily, warming quickly.  After setting, burner would automatically start on, fire, supply air and stop for keeping steady temperature. Save large labor and financial resources.
Heat exchanger adopt the special three-pass design.
Special insulation design which minimize heat loss. 
All the technical index meet the national environmental protection I standard.

It’s widely applied to greenhouse,poultry farm, livestock house, mining and factory buildings, also used in drying wood, tea, medicine, foodstuff and other fields.