Auto Coal-burning Heating Machine,Heating Machine
Heating Machine

Auto Coal-burning Heating Machine

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Heat exchanger adopt the special three-pass design, remove dust automatically.
Equipped with both auto-alarm and auto- protection device.
Fan blowers can start on and off automatically (manually)
Automatically control air input and hot air output, automatically control environmental temperature. 
There are computer-controlled and digital-controlled system for option.
Special insulation design which minimize heat loss.
The special designed combustion chamber with much longer service life ,  various quality of coal are available.
This machine combines combustion chamber with heat exchanger together. Exchange heat among the highest temperature parts, this latest  indirect-heating technology make smoke and hot air walk their own way, absolutely no pollution. 
Thermal conversion reach as high as 80%-95%, fast warming,small volume, easy installation, reliable use, and low cost. (The cost is only half, compared with the same capacity boiler )

It’s widely applied to greenhouse,poultry farm, livestock house, mining and factory buildings, also used in drying wood, tea, medicine, foodstuff and other fields.